Future of ET44
By President Curtis Lowrey
September 2, 2022

Since 1992 ET-44 has served the Lisbon and surrounding communities.

The Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company is in the process of replacing ET-44 with a larger capacity tanker.

Originally ET-44 was to be sold to make room for the replacement Tanker.

At the August Membership meeting a discussion was held about the severe flooding that recently took place in the state of Kentucky. Several fire companies in Kentucky suffered major damages to their buildings and apparatus.

It was decided to look for a fire company in Kentucky who could benefit from having ET-44.

The officers and members of the Lisbon Volunteer Fire company are happy to announce that we are donating ET-44 along with associated tools and hoses to Hindman Volunteer Fire Department in Hindman, Kentucky.

ET-44 will be delivered to Hindman Volunteer Fire Department next Thursday.

For the time being LVFC will be utilizing a reserve tanker from Howard County until our new tanker is delivered.

The LVFC wishes Hindman VFD much success with ET-44.