Evening First Due House Fire
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
March 13, 2021

Shortly before 7:30pm on Saturday, March 14th, units were alerted for a house fire in the 2800 Block of Saddlebred Ct in Glenwood. While responding, another call for a house fire was received in the 3600 Block of Hipsley Mill Rd in Woodbine. E41, P45, and CF4C responded to the initial call while ET44, WS42, and CF4 responded on the Hipsley Mill Rd call. E131 arrived on Saddlebred Ct to find a bonfire behind a residence and cleared the assignment. E41, P45, and CF4C redirected to Hipsley Mill Rd as CF4 arrived to find a house with fire showing from multiple sides. CF4 established command and requested the task force bringing additional units. WS42 established a tanker fill site at Hipsley Mill Rd and Annapolis Rock Rd. The occupant of the house was out prior to the fire department's arrival, and was transported to an area hospital for a checkup. No other injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the HCDFRS Office of the Fire Marshal. Crews operated on scene for approximately 6 hours.

We would like to thank Baltimore County Fire Department (E4 from Catonsville) and Elkridge Volunteer Fire Company (E12) for assistance covering our station during the fire.

Units: E41 ET44 WS42 P45 CF4 CF4C
Mutual Aid: Howard: A135 A36 BC1 BC2 BUCF4 COMM500 DC4 E131 E22 EMS2 EMSBC3 FM201 FM202 FM260 PHOTO1 RTNK11 SAFETY1 SOBC10 SQ3 T7 TNK13 TNK34 Carroll: CE12 CSQ12 Montgomery: ME713 ME717 ME728 MM713 MSQ717 MTNK713 MTNK717 MCANT17