Evening Rescue with Entrapment
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
November 9, 2020

Just after 5:30pm on Monday, November 9th, RE4 and P135 (Glenwood) were alerted for a vehicle accident with unknown injuries in the 1800 block of Woodbine Rd. Shortly after dispatch, the assignment was upgraded due to reports of an occupant being trapped in one vehicle. RE4, ET44, and CF4 responded along with units from surrounding stations. RE4 arrived to find one occupant trapped in a vehicle along with several other patients requiring transport. Aviation was requested to transport 2 patients, and 2 more were transported by ground to area hospitals. Units operated on scene for approximately an hour before turning the scene over to HCPD for investigation.

At the time of this incident, P46 was transporting a patient from an earlier accident in the 1600 block of Woodbine Rd to the hospital. During this incident U4 also responded to a medical emergency in our Carroll County first due.

Units: RE4 ET44 CF4
Mutual Aid: P135 P35 CP18 CP19 E131 E31 EMS2 EMSBC3 FLEET510 SAFETY1 TPR3