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2020 Incidents
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A46 1 30 8
U4 10 52 128
DTY4 37 43 9
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New Building Progress
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By President Curtis Lowrey
January 23, 2021

1/23/21: Scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest pictures and a time lapse video of the crews framing the building.

Crews are finishing up setting the structural steel on the new building. Tomorrow marks two weeks since MTD Erector's Inc began setting the structural steel. Thank you to everyone who has supported the fire company with this project!

Aerial pictures of the new Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company building under construction courtesy of Captain Kevin Koons.

Progress at the new Lisbon Firehouse. Metal building erection is continuing on the apparatus bays along with Parking lot curb and gutter and stone base. Photos Courtesy Porter Construction.

Work crews are continuing to take advantage of the weather we are having. Progress continues with the new building.
Crews are working hard to set steel, putting down the stone base in the parking lot, and installing concrete curbing.

MTD Erector's Inc and Porter Construction continue to make good progress with setting steel for the new building.
Crews from MT Laney Company, Inc are working on the stone base for the parking lot area and driveway around the building.

MTD Erector's Inc took advantage of the nice weather today to begin setting steel for the new building.

Crews from MTD Erector's Inc have been busy moving each section of building steel to the proper location on the building slab.

Crews will start setting the steel for the building next week.

We will post more updates next week as progress continues to take place.

Our department thanks everyone who has donated and continues to donate towards our Capital Campaign for the new building.

From all of us at Lisbon VFC, Please have a safe and happy New Year!

Early this morning the pre-engineered building materials were delivered from Tennessee to the new building site for our communities new fire station.

Crews have been busy unloading the steel and other components of the new building into this afternoon.

Crews will be working this week to lay out the building frame and then will begin constructing the shell of the building.

Crews have finished the concrete slab pour for the concrete apron outside of the apparatus room.

Work crews have finished installing the concrete slabs for the apparatus room and fire house portion of the building.

The concrete apron for the outside of the apparatus room has been prepared and the concrete is scheduled be poured tomorrow.

Smith Mechanical: We just completed the plumbing groundwork for the new Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department. This includes approximately a 1/4 mile of sanitary, vent, and waste oil piping. Also, 180 feet of trench drains in the engine room was completed.

The week started off on a damp note with heavy rain and snow showers. The wind was our friend yesterday in helping to dry things out some.

Z-Con LLC is finishing up with prepping the apparatus room for the concrete slab pour.

RLO Contractors are on site grading the driveway and parking lot area for the installation of stone base, asphalt, and curbing to be installed next.

Crews from Z-Con LLC are busy today pouring the concrete slab for the remainder of the main portion of the new building.

Crews are also preparing the apparatus bays for the concrete slab pour that will be taking place over the next several days.

Work crews from Utilities Unlimited have finished installing the rain leader lines from the building, along with the oil/water separator for the floor drains in the apparatus bay.

Z-CON has completed the concrete slabs for the rooms in the apparatus bay and a portion of the main building. Prep work has been completed for the next concrete slab pour.

Smith Mechanical has completed the floor drain installation in the apparatus bay.

Fogle's Septic has completed installing and backfilling the grease trap, septic tanks, and pump chamber. The final grading of the septic system drain fields has also been completed and is ready to be seeded for grass.

From all of us at Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company, we thank you for your continued support, and wish each and everyone of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Work crews taking advantage of the nice weather today.

Concrete slab being poured for a portion of the building. Final grading of the septic drain fields also taking place.

The septic tanks, grease trap, and pump chamber for the new building have been installed.

Floor drains for the apparatus bays are nearly complete.

Work on installing the outside rain leader lines from the building is underway.

Concrete slabs for the interior rooms of the apparatus bay have be poured into place. More concrete slab will be poured tomorrow for the firehouse portion of the building.

The weather last week may have slowed down construction for a few days. Crews however were back at work Friday.

Crews have installed stone base throughout the building. Floor drains in the apparatus bay have started being installed. The drain fields for the septic system were installed early last week before the rain moved in.

This upcoming week crews will begin pouring concrete slabs for the interior of the building. Fogle’s Septic will be receiving the septic tanks, grease trap, and pump chamber to install midweek. Utlities Unlimited will begin installing leader lines underground for the downspouts from the building.

Stone has been placed in the apparatus room for the new building. This upcoming week crews will install the floor drains. The concrete slab for the apparatus room will then be poured in place.

Septic drain fields have been installed. The entrance into the new property has been painted.

Work continues to progress on the remainder of the building.

Look forward to more updates next week.

Crews from Z-Con are installing stone to prepare the apparatus room for the concrete slab pour.

Smith Mechanical has installed the majority of the underground plumbing into the other portion of the building.

Fogel’s Septic has completed the installation of the water line from the well into the building. Fogel’s is continuing to install the septic lines from the exterior of the building to the area where the septic tanks will be installed.

VanMar Associates is surveying and staking out the leader lines from the downspouts to the exterior of the building.

Work continues on the new building. Interior plumbing continues to be installed, septic lines are being installed on the exterior of the building. Crews have also started installing the water line from the well into the building.

Concrete is being poured into the block foundations around the building.

Initial paving was started today for the new entrance and turn lane along Route 144.

Crews continue making progress on the new building. Foundations have been poured for the other portion of the building. Masonry block work is underway.

Fogle's Septic has started excavating and placing septic piping from the building to the area where the septic tanks are to be installed next week.

Over this past week a lot of progress has been made with the new building.

Crews have installed the underground foundation walls around the apparatus room.

Sanitary plumbing has been installed in the apparatus room.

Concrete footers have been excavated and poured around the operational portion of the building.

We will provide more updates next week.

Here are some pictures of the work completed today for the new building.

Ceaderbrooke, Inc. has been busy installing block foundations around the apparatus room.

Smith Mechanical is working on the installation of underground sanitary drains in the apparatus room.

Z-Con has been excavating and installing rebar for concrete footers in the other portion of the new building. Z-Con is planning on pouring concrete for the footers this Friday.

Work crews are taking advantage of the wonderful weather we are having this week.

Crews are busy preparing to lay block around the apparatus bay, excavating the second portion of the building and installing rebar for concrete footers, while electrical work is being completed with the new transformer.

Plumbers are installing sanitary lines throughout the apparatus bay.

This week Z-Con, LLC has completed work for the apparatus bays. They have formed and poured all of the piers, and have set the anchor bolts along with the leveling plates.

Next week our masonry contractor, Ceaderbrooke INC. will begin installing concrete block foundations around the apparatus bays.

Z-Con, LLC will continue with excavation on footers for the other portion of the building.

Our plumbers, Smith Mechanical will be setting the trench drains in the apparatus bay along with roughing in the underground septic lines in the apparatus bays.

Fogle's Septic will begin the excavation for the drain fields, septic tanks, and grease traps.

Crews continued working on foundations and footers this week. Next week concrete piers will be poured and anchor bolts installed to receive the building columns. Additional electrical conduit to the exterior of the building pad have also been installed.

BGE delivered the electrical transformer to the site this morning and it will be installed soon.

Septic tank and drain field excavation has been surveyed and staked out, and will be underway very soon.

Also tomorrow (09/26/20) is the Lisbon VFC Carryout Spaghetti Dinner from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM. Dinners are $10.00 per dinner. Meal includes Spaghetti (Plain, Meat, or Alfredo sauce), salad, and breadsticks.

Z-Con LLC continues making progress on installing concrete footers for our new building.

M. T. Laney has delivered paving equipment to pave the turn lane and entrance.

As of yesterday evening M. T. Laney crews have completed the new installation of base material for the turn lane and new entrance. Paving will be taking place soon.

This morning Z-Con LLC started the process of pouring concrete footers for the new building. Crews are also excavating the area for the concrete slab where the dumpster and fuel tank pad will be located to the rear of the new building.

Crews are taking advantage of this rain free Saturday to continue working on the new building project.

M. T. Laney continues working on the turn lane for the new property to get it ready for paving this upcoming week.

Z-Con LLC has been busy working on the area where the new building slab will be located. They will be working on getting footers framed and installed next week.

Also tomorrow (Sunday) is the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company carry-out breakfast from 07:30 - 11:30 . Cost for each carry-out is $12.00. Come by and pick up breakfast!!

M.T. Laney has been busy this week excavating and adding sub base material for the turn lane and new entrance. The entrance from the firehouse to where it meets the Route 144 SHA right of way has been excavated and sub base material rolled and compacted in preparation for paving. Crews continue excavating the turn lane and adding the sub base material. If the weather holds paving is planned for next week.

Crews from Z-Con LLC are on site this afternoon preparing to start digging and framing for concrete footers for the new building.

Over the past week we have been contacted by folks who do not live in our area but are interested in making a donation to the new building project. Checks can be made out to Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company and mailed to Lisbon VFC, PO Box 40, Lisbon, MD 21765.
In the memo section write “Building Fund”.

The rainy weather over the past few days has slowed down work this week. However our contractors continue to make progress.

Crews from M.T. Laney continue working on grading for the turn lane and entrance into the new building.

The concrete pad for the electric transformer has been installed this week by Auer Electric.

Crews will be back to work on Tuesday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next week.

From all of us at the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company, please have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Crews from M.T. Laney have started the beginning stages of excavation for the turn lane and entrance for our new building.

They will continue with the excavating next week. Paving of the turn lane and entrance will take place after the excavating is completed.

You may notice next week crews from BGE on the job site. BGE will have crews on site to monitor the excavation along the roadway that is near the (Tuscarora Transmission Line) which is a 20” high pressure gas line that was installed along Route 144 around 1987.

During the roadway improvement portion of construction along Route 144 traffic will be reduced to one lane during times of work. Signage and flaggers will be in place for traffic control. This will be monitored by the Maryland State Highway Administration.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you while traveling Route 144 during the time of construction.

Auer Electric continues to make progress on the installation of the conduit for our new building. This upcoming week RLO Contractors along with M. T. Laney will begin installing the new entrance and turn lane along Route 144 into the new building site.

The septic system along with the Footers for the building slab are on schedule to be installed over the next few weeks.

We would like to thank everyone from our community and surrounding communities that have continued to support us with this project.


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