Lisbon Assists with Smoke in the Building
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
August 18, 2020

Shortly after 7pm on Tuesday, August 18th, E41 was alerted to assist with smoke in the building in the 200 block of South Main St in Mt. Airy. Units from Mt. Airy arrived and confirmed smoke in the building, and requested the Rapid Intervention Dispatch. RE4 and P45 responded on the RID to assist. Fire was located in the kitchen, and crews from Mt. Airy quickly knocked it. E41 assisted in checking for extension in the upper level of the building along with on the roof.

RE4 and P45 were placed in service from the fire, and RE4 was picked up to respond to a water flow alarm at Mt. Airy Elementary School, in the 400 block of N Main St.

Units: E41 RE4 P45