Annual Santa Detail
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
December 2, 2019

Santa will be visiting area neighborhoods between December 11th and the 17th. Listen between 6 and 7:30pm. The schedule could be subject to change due to inclement weather and emergency responses. Please look over the schedule as there have been a few changes from last year. On the 16th and 17th Tony Locos is holding a fundraiser for our new building as they have done several times this year. Santa will stop by on his way through the shopping center so no one misses out. You can also see Santa at our Pancake breakfast on Sunday the 8th. Also check out the Lisbon Christmas Parade and our Chicken/Ham Dinner on the 14th and our spaghetti dinner on the 18th.

Wednesday 12/11/19
Weller Dr.
Lisbon Center
Old Woodbine Rd.
Thistle Downs Ct.
Camden Meadows Ct.
Chessie Crossing Way
The Old Station Ct
Iron Rail Ct.
Fairlane Rd.
Thunderbird Dr.
Adgate Ct.
Cartley Ct.
Round Gate Ct.
McCann Farm Rd
Susan Marie Wy.
Red Lion Dr.

Thursday 12/12/19
Bahner Ct.
Spring Hollow Ct.
White Plains Ct.
White Dogwood Ct.
Woodcamp Rd
Bradford Ln.
Chelsea Knolls Dr.
Watkins Wy.
Country View Way
Pink Dogwood Ct.
Beetz Rd.
Moss Meadow Wy.
Middle Trail Ct.
Woodbine Crossing Rd.
Lady Anne Ct.
Lisbon Center

Friday 12/13/19
Emmaus Rd.
Maple Ridge Dr.
Scottswood Ct.
Kenwood Ct.
Bushy Trail Run
Foxpaw Trail
Ridge Hunt Dr.
Farm View Ct.
Boka Valley Ct.
Bellis Dr.
Lisbon Center

Saturday 12/14/19 (With Winfield VFD, starts after 7pm)
Patton Dr
Donald Ct
Sean Cir
Hoods Mill Rd (Between Eden Mill and Woodbine)
Woodbine Rd (Between Hoods Mill and the County Line)

Sunday 12/15/19
Carriage Mill Rd
Addison Way
Justifiable Ct.
Drovers La.
Monticello Dr.
Oakdale Dr.
Fox creek Ct.
Barbara Cir.
Riggs Meadow Dr.
Meadow Tree Ct
Sycamore Spring Ct.
Hunt Valley Dr.
Longfield Rd.
Lisbon Center

Monday 12/16/19
Old Sawmill Rd
Colton Ct.
Jones Rd.
Hipsley Mill Rd (Between Jones Rd. and Jennings Chapel Rd.)
Lorenzo Ln
Eleanor's Garden Way
Willis Way
Fields End Ct
Spring House Ct.
Phesant Ridge Ct.
Misty Knoll Ct.
Meadow Walk Rd.
Bridalwreath Ct.
Sweetbay St.
Bucks Run Rd
Deer Hill Ct.
Lisbon Center (Tony Locos)

Tuesday 12/17/19
"Downtown Lisbon"
Brittle Branch Way
Cattail Meadows Dr.
Cattail Woods Ln.
Cattail River Dr.
Timberleigh Way
Foxmoor Dr.
Starting Gate Ct.
Hayloft Ct.
Brighton Ct.
Landcaster Ct.
Lisbon Center (Tony Locos)