Accident on I-70 Involving a Tractor Trailer
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
October 21, 2019

At just before 10:30am on October 21 units from Lisbon were alerted for a rescue on I70 with unknown injuries. RE4 and P45 responded and were updated that the accident was involving a tractor trailer, and there was a patient unconscious. The assignment was upgraded to bring additional resources such as HCDFRS special operations that can be utilized for incidents involving large trucks. RE4 and P45 arrived to find the accident on I70 westbound, just west of the exit for Woodbine Rd. Aviation was requested almost immediately for the transport of the unconscious patient. The crew from RE4 and P45 removed the patient and began preparing them for transport while CF4A and E131 (Glenwood) set up the landing site for MSP Trooper 2. Another patient was evaluated, but was not transported. Fire department units remained on scene for over an hour before turning the scene over to MSP for investigation. Photos are courtesy of CF4A.

Units: RE4 P45 CF4A