July 20 ,1969
By Chief Carey McIntosh
July 20, 2019

50 years ago today, while the rest of America was celebrating the moon landing, the Lisbon Community was mourning the loss of two brave young firefighters. Engine 43 was responding to a 3 alarm barn fire at the Welling Farm on Old Frederick Road.
While enroute to the fire, Engine 43 encountered heavy rains and mud slick road conditions which caused the engine to swerve off the roadway and the rear of the engine collided with a tree.
Firefighter R. Wade Clary and
Firefighter Raymond M. Mills were killed instantly on that tragic day.
Firefighter R. Wade Clary was 23 years old and had served 7 years.
Firefighter Raymond M. Mills was 23 years old and had served 7 years .

(Three firefighters riding the back step of E-43 were seriously injured, including Firefighter William "Buddy" Brightwell. Firefighter Brightwell died as a result of his injuries ,nearly 3 years later, on July 8,1972.)
Please take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice these men made for their community half a century ago .