First Due 2 Alarm House Fire
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
June 4, 2019

At 11:17 am on June 4th, 2019 units from Lisbon and surrounding stations were alerted for the report of an attached garage on fire in the 1500 block of Old Annapolis Rd. E41, ET44, and P45 responded along with units from HCDFRS and Carroll, Frederick, and Montgomery counties. E41 arrived to find a two story house with fire through portions of the roof and front wall. E41 established command and requested the Task Force and Second Alarm for additional manpower and tankers. ET44 and P45 followed E41 down the driveway and assisted in supplying E41 with water and getting an initial knock on the fire. Due to the length of the driveway, multiple engines were utilized to lay a supply line out to the road where tankers were utilized to keep the scene supplied with water. A fill site was set up at a nearby pond to refill the tankers. Shortly after arrival crews transitioned to exterior fire attack operations only because of the significant structural damage to the house. Midway through the incident, apparatus was moved to allow access for TWR2 to utilize their ladder pipe to extinguish fire in the center of the house. The fire was placed under control at 1:39 pm and out at 2:45 pm. All fire department units cleared the scene just prior to 4:30 pm. HCPD assisted in several road closures to allow safe operations for all crews on scene. U4 responded later in the incident to assist Rehab1 with canteen.

The occupant of the house was able to escape with his dog prior to the arrival of E41. The Red Cross is handling accommodations for 2 adults and one dog. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters reported. The scene was turned over to the HCDFRS Fire Marshall's office for investigation.

While units operated on the fire FE251 transferred to Lisbon and was then moved to Station 13 (Glenwood). RE4 was staffed in the station with a volunteer crew for the remainder of the incident. RE4 responded to two calls for service, a dumpster fire and a vehicle accident.

Units: E41 ET44 P45 U4
Mutual Aid: HCDFRS: AU17 BC1 BC2 BUCF2 CHAP1 CMD17 E131 E31 E52 EMS2 EMSBC3 FID20 FM200 FM202 FMBC20 MAB13 PHOTO1 REHAB1 SAFETY1 TNK11 TNK13 TNK17 TNK3 TNK34 TNK5 TWR2 WS3 Mt. Airy: CM19 CE12 CRES1 CTNK1 Winfield: CE142 Sykesville: CTWR12 New Market: FA159 FCF15 FE152 FSQ15 Green Valley: FA259 Damascus: ME713 MTNK713 Laytonsville: MET717 MSQ717 MTNK717