First Due Barn Fire in Carroll County
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
March 17, 2019

At just after 5 pm on Sunday March 17th E41 was alerted to respond to the area of Woodbine Rd and the CSX railroad tracks to investigate heavy black smoke in the area. While responding the call was updated to a brush fire with an exposure building, and then updated again to a box alarm for a pole building on fire. The upgraded assignment brought units from Winfield, Mt. Airy, Glenwood, and Sykesville to assist along with B47, ET44, and P45. E41 attempted to make access to the fire, but due to the location B47 and CB145 were utilized to get to the building. CE142 was used to set up water supply on the Woodbine Rd bridge over the patapsco river and supply the fire attack crews directly without the need for tankers. The fire was placed under control after approximately 1 hour on scene, but crews remained for a total of 3 hours to fully extinguish the fire and overhaul the structure. Units returned to service around 8 pm. Unless otherwise noted all photos are courtesy of HCDFRS.

While our units were committed on the fire we would like to thank Damascus for covering our area with E713 until we were able to staff RE4 with a volunteer crew. The volunteer standby crew in the station responded to one medical emergency while other units were committed.

Units: E41 ET44 B47 P45