First Due Barn Fire on West Watersville Road
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
February 11, 2019

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Monday February 11th units from Lisbon and surrounding companies from Carroll, Montgomery and Frederick counties for a barn fire in the 600 block of West Watersville Rd in Mt. Airy. E41, ET44, and P45 responded along with units from surrounding companies and arrived to find a large barn well involved. Command was established and crews worked to protect exposures and limit damage to the structure. Additional tankers were requested to assist with maintaining an adequate water supply. The fire was placed under control at approximately 5:00 a.m. Units remained on the scene until almost 10am. There were no reported live stock fatalities. The scene was turned over to the HCDFRS Office of the Fire Marshall for investigation.

We would like to thank the Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department for covering our area with E142 while our units were committed to the fire.

Units: E41 ET44 P45
Mutual Aid: BC1 BC2 BUCF1 CE12 CP18 CSQ12 CTNK1 CTNK14 E131 E31 EMS2 FM200 FM201 FM213 FMBC20 FSQ15 ME713 PHOTO1 SAFETY1 TNK13 TNK3 TNK34 TWR3