Vehicle Rollover with Entrapment on I-70
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
January 21, 2019

At just before 3 pm on Monday January 21, 2019 units from Lisbon and Mt. Airy were alerted for a vehicle accident with unknown injuries on I-70 in the area of West Watersville Rd. RE4 and P45 responded and were updated that the driver was now reported to be trapped. This filled the assignment including the HCDFRS Battalion Chief, Safety Officer, and EMS Duty Officer. Units arrived and confirmed that the occupant of the vehicle was trapped, CF4 established I-70 command and within minutes the crew from RE4 made access to the patient using the rescue tools. The patient was transported to an area trauma center via MSP Trooper 3. Fire department units operated for approximately 45 minutes before turning the scene over to MSP.

Units: RE4 P45 CF4
Mutual Aid: CRES1, CA18, CCF1, BC2, EMS2, EMS/BC3, SAFETY1, MSP TPR3