Flyout After Fall from a Horse
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
October 1, 2018

Just before 1pm on October 1st units from Lisbon were alerted for a person injured after a fall off a horse in the Patuxent River State Park trails off Hipsley Mill Rd. P45 and E41 responded and requested an ATV to assist in removing the patient from the woods. U4 responded to assist with 4WD along with ATV3 from West Friendship. After arrival P45 and E41 proceeded down the trail on foot and located the rider. Aviation was requested due to the nature of the injuries. E131 from Glenwood was alerted to assist with setting up a helicopter landing site in a nearby farm field. Utilizing the ATV crews were able to extricate the patient and transport in P45 to the landing site where MSP Trooper 3 was waiting. Fire department units operated on scene for approximately 1 hour, and while units were committed on the call several volunteers covered the station in case of additional calls in the first due.

Units: P45, E41, U4
Mutual Aid: ATV3, E131, EMS/BC3, MSP Trooper 3