House Explosion on Bushy Park Rd
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
September 7, 2018

Shortly before 11pm on September 7th units from Lisbon, Glenwood, and West Friendship were alerted for the odor of gas in a residence in the 15000 block of Bushy Park Rd. Upon arrival E131 from Glenwood began to investigate when the house exploded and became fully involved. E41 arrived within minutes of E131 and began to assist with fire attack. The assignment was upgraded bringing units from other surrounding departments and additional tankers including ET44. ET44 and P45 responded on the fire along with the other units and assisted with the fire attack operations. CF4 (off ET44) was assigned as the water supply officer for the incident. WS42 responded to assist with a rural water supply to ensure the tankers supplying the scene could be refilled.

WS42 established a tanker fill site at the underground cistern on Carriage Mill Drive and filled all 6 tankers along with several engines to keep the fire ground supplied. The fill site used approximately 28,000 gallons of water before breaking down, and tankers continued to fill at hydrants further away from the scene once the water use at the fireground slowed down. U4 responded with canteen for firefighters.

At just after 3am units were able to return to service and the scene was turned over to the Fire Marshall's office for investigation. All occupants were reported out of the house at the time of the fire. We would like to thank the Laytonsville VFD for covering our station with ET717 while our members were committed on the incident. Credit for all photos from the fire scene goes to FF M. Dunlap.

Units: E41 ET44 WS42 P45 U4