Vehicle Rollover Results in Flyout
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
August 18, 2018

Just after 8:30pm on Saturday August 19th Station 4 was alerted for a vehicle collision with unknown injuries in the 3500 block of Woodbine Rd. RE4 and P45 responded and while enroute were updated that a member from Station 4 was on scene and the occupant of the vehicle was unconscious. With the updated information aviation was requested and E41 responded to establish a helicopter landing site along with EMS2 to assist with patient care. The patient was packaged by the crews of P45 and RE4 and transported to a nearby farm where E41 set up a landing site for MSP Trooper 1. Fire department units operated for approximately 50 minutes. The accident scene was turned over to HCPD.

Units: P45, RE4, E41
Mutual Aid: MSP TPR1, EMS2