Company 4 Responds to Vehicle Collision Involving a Train
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
August 9, 2018

Just before 2:30pm on Thursday August 9th Rescue Alarm 4-20 was alerted at the Watersville Rd railroad crossing for the report of a tractor trailer struck by a CSX train. RE4 and P45 responded along with units from Mount Airy VFC and HCDFRS Special Operations. Units arrived to find that the train had clipped the tail end of the trailer causing some of the truck's cargo to be thrown from the trailer. There was no significant damage to the train, but Special Operations crews continued to secure the cargo from the truck which consisted of large containers of weed killer that ruptured when thrown from the trailer. There were no injuries as a result of the collision. Fire department crews operated for over an hour before turning the scene over to CSX, MDE, and HCPD. This is the second incident in less than two weeks involving a vehicles too close to the railroad tracks being clipped by passing trains.

Units: RE4 P45
Mutual Aid: CRES1 E101 TWR10 P105 TRNS12 SOBC10