Busy Evening on the West End
By Secretary Christopher Bowman
June 6, 2018

Just after 5pm on June 6th Lisbon was alerted for the report of a person on a dirt bike struck by a vehicle near the railroad tracks on Watersville Rd. RE4 and P45 responded followed by E41 and CF4. CF4 and RE4 arrived and found there were no patients due to the accident. RE4 and CF4 stayed on scene for approximately 45 minutes assisting police and E41 and P45 returned to service.

As E41 was returning Lisbon and HCDFRS Special Operations was alerted for the report of a suspicious package in the area of Hardy Rd and St. Michaels Rd. E41 responded with a crew of 5 volunteers and arrived to find a backpack sitting open. CF4A arrived and assumed command of the incident. After determining there were no hazards the Lt. off E41 removed the items from the backpack for the police. The scene was then turned over to HCPD for any followup.

After returning from the calls, ET44 participated in the New Windsor VFD's parade as part of their Carnival. We were just one of a number of departments in attendance, and the total parade took approximately an hour and a half. As the crew on ET44 was returning they handled a call in the first due for a malfunctioning smoke alarm.