Santa Claus is Coming by Fire Engine!
By EMS Lieutenant Amanda Barnett
December 6, 2016

Santa Claus is Coming to your Neighborhood!
Listen for Santa on our fire engine between 6-7:30!

Thursday, December 15th
Bahner Ct
Spring Hollow Ct
White Plains Ct
White Dogwood Ct
Woodcamp Rd
Country View Way
Pink Dogwood Ct
Middle Trail Ct
Lady Anne Ct

Friday, December 16th
Weller Dr
Chessie Crossing Way
The Old Station Ct
Iron Rail Ct
Thistle Down Ct
Camden Meadows Ct
Adgate Ct
Cartley Ct
Round Gate Ct

Sunday, December 18th
Emmaus Rd
Maple Ridge Dr
Bushy Trail Run
Foxpaw Trail
Ridge Hunt Dr
Farm View Ct
Boka Valley Ct
Bellis Dr

Monday, December 19th
Riggs Meadow Dr
Meadow Tree Ct
Sycamore Spring Ct
Monticello Dr
Oakdale Dr
Fox Creek Ct
Carriage Mill Rd
Addison Way
Justifiable Ct

Tuesday, December 20th
Pheasant Ridge Ct
Misty Knoll Ct
Fields End Ct
Spring House Ct
Lorenzo Ln
Eleanor’s Garden Way
Willis Way
Meadow Walk Rd
Bridalwreath Ct
Bucks Run Rd
Deer Hill Ct

Wednesday, December 21st
Brittle Branch Way
Cattail Meadows Dr
Cattail Woods La
Cattail River Dr
Timberleigh Way
Foxmoor Dr
Starting Gate Ct
Hayloft Ct
Brighton Ct
Lancaster Ct
Lisbon Center– Dollar Tree Parking Lot

If Santa is not scheduled to visit your street, you may meet him on Wednesday, December 21st at 7:30pm in the Lisbon Center Dollar Tree parking lot.

*Schedule and times may get interrupted by emergency responses.

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